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Tuesday, November 23

Well, The Reviews Are in And The Critics Say:

Not awful.

Even such heavyweights as Jake of NoFo and Hot Babe of No One's Home have graced me with posts.

My Friend Toph says, "I made it all the way through three posts, and I usually find these things insufferable and nauseating."

Robbie noted the various misspellings and errors of grammar and fact.

Mom Wrote, "Love you, Honey."

Strangely, but not entirely unpredictably, the greatest praise has come from my State Representative Juan Zapata(R), who writes, "This blog is so captivating that I find myself distracted during session meetings. "I just shipped myself" indeed!
"Your advice to 'Nofo' even got Rep. Julio Robaina to smirk--and he's typically humorless. He once tried introducing legislation that would have required warning labels on satirical material.
(That happened after he made an alarmist speech based on some article from The Onion, but you didn't hear that from me.)
"I have to try to stop reading Playing Doctor during session, as the Florida House of Representative's Photo Album is starting to note a trend. You don't catch me smiling at what I am reading though, do you? That's a trick I picked up in junior high and it has served me invaluably in my political career."


Blogger Brooke writes:

Oh, come on: the guy who comes up with Go Frock Yourself can't stop blogging when he's only just begun.

Give it time, don't worry what anyone else thinks, write whatever comes into your fool head and hit Publish. Onward, man.

Georgia Jones


Blogger hot babe writes:

Well, it was a good run... What I think I love most is your mom's response. Its like when shopping for clothes with my mom & I ask if she likes the outfit I have on- "(hesitation)...It's...nice." Moms. You gotta love 'em, but they don't exactly give you what you're looking for.

Nice pic of Juan surfing the net.


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