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Tuesday, November 30

Unless You Become Like Children, You Will Never...

This is kind of strange.

This afternoon I Google-imaged the term “Innocent baby.” (Don’t ask why. I just did.)

In order of popularity, the images were of:

1) Aborted fetuses—photos, watercolors and pastel drawings (Charming!)
2) Whores
3) Random drawings of animals
4) Pregnant women
5) Freddy Mercury
6) A yellow condom, code named “Banana”
7) Adult men wearing diapers
8) Dolls
9) Actual babies, largely looking squirmy, dirty and not terribly innocent

I had better luck with the term “Gerber.”


Blogger Brechi writes:

i am still wondering why that popped into your head to google.


Blogger Bewareoftheblog writes:

What about the t-shirt for baby "onesy" with the words INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY? That's awesome.


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