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Monday, November 22

Is Their Ancesters' Use of Clogs To Blame?

About ten years ago, my family had a party in honor of my cousin Gigi being in town. When she suggested the family play a game of "Name The Most Embarrassing Moment of Your Life." My grandmother, who is typically a quiet and easy going woman, refused saying, "I can't remember my most humiliating moment, but if I could, I certainly wouldn't tell it to everybody."

As far as I am concerned, my grandmother is right. Apparently, some people like playing that game though. Here, hailing from the clumsy-woman state of Minnesota, are their stories.


Blogger Jake writes:

Three posts. An engaging writing style. Links to my site.

You're on your way to having a super-duper blog! Keep it up. I promise to visit frequently.


Blogger hot babe writes:

For the record, the embarassing fell-head-first-into-a-garbage-can incident *happened* in Omaha, NE. But I am from MN & am now back in MN.

Oh & thanks for linking to my site even if it is to an incredibly embarassing story that paints a really bad picture of me.


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